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A program that pipes together generators and effects from my synth package to create random soundscapes.

See also Boodler, a recent discovery which motivated me to release this old code.


All of the above must be in your path. Swancat calls these programs from a shell to generate the sounds it pieces together.


This seems to be a good series of commands to turn Swancat's output into an interesting and vaguely listenable soundscape:

./swancat | filter -type hp -cutoff 26 | amp -dB +9 \
| comp -rms -threshdB -12 -ratio 10:1 -attack 500 -release 15000 \
| comp -threshdB -1 -ratio 5:1 -attack 50 -release 5000 \
| limit2 -threshdB +10 | reverb \
| softsat -hardness `dbtorat -6` -range `dbtorat -0.1` | fmt -16

The output at the end of that is raw CD audio (16-bit stereo, 44.1 KHz) so you can add either

> somefile.raw

to save it to a file, or

| aplay -qfcd

(on Linux, using ALSA) to play it directly.