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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from datetime import datetime, time, timedelta
import re
import simplejson as json
except ImportError:
import json
def strtodate(s):
return datetime.strptime(s, "%Y-%m-%d").date()
def strtotime(s):
m = re.match("(\d+):(\d+)(a|p)m?$", s)
if m is not None:
hour = 0 if == '12' else int(
return time(hour + (12 if == 'p' else 0),
m = re.match("(\d+)(a|p)m?$", s)
hour = 0 if == '12' else int(
return time(hour + (12 if == 'p' else 0))
def find_todays_hours(current_datetime, hourspecs):
""" Returns a tuple of today's opening and closing times as time objects,
or None if there are no hours specified for today. """
# Save date and time separately for faster access.
current_date, current_time = (,
# The weekday and previous weekday,
# using abbreviations that are used in the JSON.
wdayabbrevs = ['M', 'Tu', 'W', 'Th', 'F', 'Sa', 'Su']
weekday = wdayabbrevs[current_datetime.weekday()]
prevwday = wdayabbrevs[(current_datetime.weekday() + 6) % 7]
for hourspec in hourspecs:
opentime, closetime = (strtotime(hourspec[x])
for x in ('open', 'close'))
except KeyError:
opentime, closetime = None, None
# Skip this hourspec if it doesn't match current time.
# This is tricky because of time ranges that overlap midnight!
effd, effwday = current_date, weekday
if opentime > closetime and current_time < closetime:
# In this case, treat as if previous day.
effwday = prevwday
effd -= timedelta(1)
# Check date range.
if (('days' in hourspec and effwday not in hourspec['days'])
or ('from' in hourspec and effd < strtodate(hourspec['from']))
or ('to' in hourspec and effd > strtodate(hourspec['to']))):
# Hourspec matches.
return opentime, closetime
# We fell through the loop, so no hourspec matched.
return None, None
def is_time_between(t, start_time, end_time):
""" Is the time t between start_time and end_time?
If start_time > end_time, the range is assumed to span midnight. """
if t > start_time and t < end_time:
return True
elif start_time > end_time and (t > start_time or t < end_time):
return True
return False
with open('hangouts.json') as fp:
places = json.load(fp)['places']
for p in sorted(places.keys()):
dt =
opentime, closetime = find_todays_hours(dt, places[p])
if opentime is not None:
# Place has hours for today; check them.
if is_time_between(dt.time(), opentime, closetime):
# Bingo! Place is open.
# Print place name.
print p,
# Space out to column 21.
print ''.join([' ' for x in range(0, 20 - len(p))]),
# Print closing time.
str_closetime = re.sub('^(0)', ' ',
print 'until {}'.format(str_closetime)