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List open hangout spots tells you what's open:

$ date
Sat Aug  4 22:43:26 CDT 2012
$ ./
Hard Times Cafe
Kitty Cat Klub

In this example, three late-night spots are open! Hangouts and their hours are defined in hangouts.json. The app is smart enough to correctly handle:

  • Varying hours by day of week
  • Summer hours (or any date range for which hours are different)
  • Places open past midnight (e.g., 4pm-2am)

Some limitations:

  • No geographical info / distance calculation
  • Doesn't warn you if place is "open", but closing in 5 minutes
  • You have to manually edit a JSON file to change the data (hangouts.txt contains an idea for a friendlier format that is not yet used)

I wrote this to suggest places I can bring my laptop and hack instead of sitting at home. The sample hangouts.json file consists of cool wifi-enabled places near me in Minneapolis, MN.