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This release of Teleport brings new features, significant performance and usability improvements, as well as the usual bugfixes.

During this release cycle, the Teleport source code has been audited for security vulnerabilities by Cure53 and this release (2.6.0) contains patches for the discovered problems.

New Features

  • Support for DynamoDB for storing the audit log events. #1755
  • Support for Amazon S3 for storing the recorded SSH sessions. #1755
  • Support for rotating certificate authorities (CA rotation). #1899
  • Integration with Linux PAM (pluggable authentication modules) subsystem. #742 and #1766
  • The new CLI command tsh status shows users which Teleport clusters they are authenticated with. #1628

Additionally, Teleport 2.6.0 has been submitted to the AWS marketplace. Soon AWS users will be able to create properly configured, secure and highly available Teleport clusters with ease.

Configuration Changes

  • Role templates (depreciated in Teleport 2.3) were fully removed. We recommend migrating to role variables which are documented here.

  • Resource names (like roles, connectors, trusted clusters) can no longer contain unicode or other special characters. Update the names of all user created resources to only include characters, hyphens, and dots.

  • advertise_ip has been deprecated and replaced with public_addr setting. See #1803. The existing configuration files will still work, but we advise Teleport administrators to update it to reflect the new format.

  • Teleport no longer uses boltdb back-end for storing cluster state by default. The new default is called dir and it uses simple JSON files stored in /var/lib/teleport/backend. This change applies to brand new Teleport installations, the existing clusters will continue to use boltdb.

  • The default set of enabled cryptographic primitives has been updated to reflect the latest state of SSH and TLS security. #1856.

Bug Fixes

The list of most visible bug fixes in this release:

  • tsh now properly handles Ctrl+C #1882
  • High CPU utilization on ARM platforms during daemon start-up. #1886
  • Terminal window size can get out of sync on AWS. #1874
  • Some CLI commands print errors twice. #1889
  • SSH session playback can be interrupted for long sessions. #1774
  • Processing HUP UNIX signal is unreliable when teleport daemon runs under systemd. #1844

You can see the full list of 2.6.0 changes here.


Follow the recommended upgrade procedure to upgrade to this version.


Download the current and previous releases of Teleport at https://gravitational.com/teleport/download.