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Wireguard based overlay network CNI plugin for kubernetes
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Gravitational Wormhole

Wormhole is a simple CNI plugin designed to create an encrypted overlay network for kubernetes clusters.

WireGuard is a fascinating Fast, Modern, Secure VPN tunnel, that has been gaining significant praise from security experts, and is currently proposed for inclusion within the linux kernel.

Wormhole uses WireGuard to create a simple and secure high performance encrypted overlay network for kubernetes clusters, that is easy to manage and troubleshoot.

Wormhole does not implement network policy, instead we recommend to use calico or kube-router as network policy controllers.


The Gravitational Wormhole project is currently considered experimental, and has not undergone any external security audits. Use at your own risk.

Getting Started

System Requirements

  1. WireGuard is installed on each node in you're cluster.
  2. A Kubernetes cluster with IPAM enabled (--pod-network-cidr= when using kubeadm based install)

Install (Kubeadm Cluster)

kubectl apply -f

Note: The kubeadm cluster must be initialized with (--pod-network-cidr / --service-cidr) to enable IPAM

Install (Generic)

kubectl apply -f

Note: Replace the --overlay-cidr flag in the daemonset with the overlay-cidr that matches you're network Note: Kubernetes IPAM must be enabled (--cluster-cidr / --allocate-node-cidrs on kube-controller-manager)



Build and Publish to a docker registry

WORM_REGISTRY_IMAGE="" go run mage.go build:publish


go run mage.go test:all

More Information


The best way to contribute is to create issues or pull requests right here on Github. You can also reach the Gravitational team through their website


Project Links Description
Blog Our blog, where we publish gravitational news
Security and Release Updates Subscribe to our discourse for security and news updates
Community Forum Gravitational Community Forum

Who Built Wormhole?

Wormhole was created by Gravitational Inc. We have built wormhole by leveraging our experience automating and supporting hundreds of kubernetes clusters with Gravity, our Kubernetes distribution optimized for deploying and remotely controlling complex applications into multiple environments at the same time:

  • Multiple cloud regions
  • Colocation
  • Private enterprise clouds located behind firewalls
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