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JSON Schema Generator Maven plugin

Maven plugin to generate JSON Schemas.

Using the Jackson JSON Schema Module for JSON Schema generation.

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Generate JSON Schemas satisfying configuration part. JSON Schemas are generated from .class files that have to represent a Java Bean class. Classes are found by searching from the underlying project's classes build directory, i.e., from the ${}.

Note that external dependencies (Maven dependencies) are also used but only during JSON Schema properties resolution.

includes (optional)

List of .class file paths to include.

Can use glob syntax. If absent, then all .class files are included. Note that the **/ glob pattern is automatically added as a prefix to lighten the writing. So there is no need to specificy absolute paths. Just take care about class name, but by using path separators instead of dot ones.


Generate the would be written as:


Generate all classes from the package would be written as:


Generate all classes ending by Schema would be written as:

excludes (optional)

List of .class file paths to exclude.

Same syntax as the includes part (see above). If absent, then no exclusion is done. Note that excludes are computed before includes.


Exclude any class that ends by Utils:


Remove inclusion from the path/to/class package:

buildDirectory (optional)

Path to the .class files from which find and generate JSON Schemas.

Default value: ${}

outputDirectory (optional)

Output directory to put generated JSON Schemas.

Default value: ${}/schemas