Signature scheme submitted to NIST's Post-Quantum Cryptography Project
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Submission to NIST's Post-Quantum Cryptography Project, structured as per

PRUNE-HORST is a stateless hash-based signature scheme designed by Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Guillaume Endignoux while working in Kudelski Security's research team.

Content of this submission package



The directory Optimized_Implementation/ contains a placeholder referring to the code under Reference_Implementation/, since our optimized implementation (as per NIST's requirements) is the same as our reference implementation.

The Makefile included in the reference and fast implementations has the following targets:

$ make
Please choose a target:
        analyze          runs static analyzers
        bench            runs speed benchmarks
        clean            cleans up
        format           formats the code using .clang-format rules

Warning: make bench with the reference implementation is slow because of the textbook AES implementation.

The Makefile of the debug implementation in addition provides make ivs and make check targets.

Test values

Intellectual property

Copyright notices are included in the header of each source code file. Our original source code of PRUNE-HORST is copyright © 2017 Nagravision S.A., and was written by Jean-Philippe Aumasson and Guillaume Endignoux.

The fast, AES-NI-based Haraka implementation is copyright © 2016 Stefan Kölbl.

Our source code is released under Apache 2.0 license.

Patent situation: We haven't filed any patent related to PRUNE-HORST nor are we aware of existing patent or patent application covering PRUNE-HORST.


Thanks to Samuel Neves for helping optimize our code.