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Very small and basic utility to make it more convenient to use AWS java sdk asynchronously in scala. The only dependency is the AWS Java SDK.


Amazon AWS sdk comes with async variants of most of their methods, but they return a java Future (pretty useless) instead of a scala Future. There's no easy or clean way to turn that into a scala Future. Fortunately, their methods usually also include a version that takes an instance of AsyncHandler, which this utility uses to create a scala version of the method.

Essentially, this utility turns this:

// some async aws sdk method:
// (R<:AmazonWebServiceRequest, AsyncHandler[R,T]) => java.util.concurrent.Future[T]
client.someMethodAsync(request, handler): Future[T] // java future


// R<:AmazonWebServiceRequest => Future[T] // scala future
awsToScala(client.someMethodAsync)(request): Future[T] // scala future


It's really just a method, you can look at the source and copy it. Or use this if you want:

resolvers += "gravity" at "https://devstack.io/repo/gravitydev/public"

libraryDependencies += "com.gravitydev" %% "awsutil" % "0.0.4-SNAPSHOT"

Use it like this:

import com.amazonaws.services.dynamodbv2.AmazonDynamoDBAsyncClient
import com.amazonaws.services.dynamodbv2.model._
import com.gravitydev.awsutil.awsToScala
// regular amazon request (dynamodb for this example)
val req = new GetItemRequest()

// wrap the relevant '...Async' call with 'awsToScala' to convert the aws call from:
// someAwsMethod(request, callback) => unit 
// into a scala future
// type: Future[BatchGetItemResult]
val response = awsToScala(client.batchGetItemAsync)(req)

// do what you want with it now, asynchronously:
// response is a regular scala Future[BatchGetItemResult]
for (res <- response) yield {

You can use this with most (all?) of the Amazon AWS SDK methods suffixed with "...Async".