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Ladder (tried to fly on y-axis) #41

ty2u opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Using build #156

Player says they cannot climb a ladder because it thinks they're hacking. In the log I see this:

[SEVERE] [AntiCheat] player tried to fly on y-axis

Not sure what else you need but if there's anything else I can do to help just let me know =)


Do you have this issue when using AntiCheat build #155?

I'm just making sure.


Nope, I downgraded and it went away.


Fixed here: , please reply and confirm that it is fixed.


It seems to do this still with Minecarts


Refer to this issue: #44 , also please tell me if /this/ issue is fixed so I can close it.


Ladders doesn't seem to happen anymore from what I can see but its happening with other things I could make new issues about


That'd be preferred, the title means everything when looking through issues. So I'll go ahead and close this since the issue is fixed, you can add a new one for other things (you don't have to create a new issue for every single item that causes this, just make it known in the title which ones you are going to talk about in the issue)

@gravitylow gravitylow closed this
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