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* Fix menu not showing with Gravity Forms 1.8
* Fix fatal error when Gravity Forms is deactivated
* Fix validation result hook
* Fix duplicate admin notices
* Automatically set currency
* Bump version number

* Fix critical issue resulting from undocumented Stripe API change
* Bump version number

* Add new conditional logic options and fields for Stripe feed
* Add notice for incorrect version of Gravity Forms
* Update Stripe PHP library to 1.8.3 since 1.9.0 has issues
* Update for GF1.7.11
* Update for WordPress 3.7
* Bump version number

-Ensure GF1.7.10 compatibility
-Bump version number
-Add hook for customer description: gfp_stripe_customer_description
-Add hook for charge description: gfp_stripe_customer_charge_description
-Add hook for live mode error messages: gfp_stripe_error_message
-Add charge creation override
-Add check for curl when plugin activated
-Add filter 'gfp_stripe_display_billing_info'
-Add action 'gfp_stripe_set_validation_result'
-Add PSR-0 autoloader
-Add UI improvements
-Add PHPDoc to all the things!
-Add PressTrends
-Add check for Gravity Forms when plugin activated
-Add Gravity Forms deactivation prevention if Stripe Add-On is still activated
-Add support for Stripe accounts with multiple currencies
-Add Gravity Forms Logging Tool integration
-Add .pot
-Update Stripe PHP API library to 1.8.4
-Update 'gfp_stripe_customer_description' hook to pass all of the submitted form data, and not just the name
-Update 'gfp_stripe_create_error_message' to show actual card error in live mode, since they are safe to show per Stripe API
-Update 'gfp_stripe_customer_description' hook parameters to replace $form_data with $form
-Update readme
-Refactor & reorganize code
-Rename hook 'gform_stripe_action_fields' to 'gfp_stripe_feed_options'
-Rename hook 'gform_stripe_add_option_group' to 'gfp_stripe_feed_setting'
-Rename hook 'gfp_stripe_after_submission_update_lead' to 'gfp_stripe_entry_created_update_lead'
-Rename hook 'gfp_stripe_gform_after_submission' to 'gfp_stripe_entry_created_subscriber_id'
-Rename hook 'gfp_stripe_after_submission_insert_transaction_type' to 'gfp_stripe_entry_created_insert_transaction_type'
-Fix hook 'gfp_stripe_gform_after_submission' to include correct return value
-Fix undefined variable notice on stats page
-Fix PHP warnings
-Fix Stripe JS to get correct address fields from feed
-Fix Stripe condition not properly handling checkboxes and dropdowns
-Fix double form submissions if AJAX and 2+ forms on a page
-Move after submission processing from gform_after_submission to gform_entry_created
-Remove KLogger
-Remove currency disable
-Remove Stripe JS check for address_field_required

-Fix issue with billing address not being sent to Stripe
-Add new billing address city field to Stripe token creation
-Remove hidden condition for sending billing address state and country to Stripe

-Add support for Canadian Stripe accounts
-Fix annoying PHP warnings
-Update Stripe PHP library
-Bump version number to latest version of Gravity Forms

-Update readme
-Bump version number to
-Re-enable PCI compliance security features
-Update Stripe PHP API library
-Save credit card type & fingerprint to entry
-Fix multiple address on one form issue
-Add payment method to lead meta
-Fix Stripe JS response error message variable name
-Fix issue with Stripe form JS not being added on one-page forms after submission error
-Add missing 'continue_flag' parameter to gfp_stripe_get_order_info filter
-Remove deprecated Stripe token parameter
-Allow unactivated Stripe accounts to use in Test mode only
-Update screenshots
-Add hooks to allow plugin to be extended
-Update to work with new GF1.6 fields
-Fix Stripe.js to work without AJAX
-Fix issue with plugin not deactivating on uninstall
-Create a customer in Stripe for all transactions


Fix credit card field conflict with other GF payment add-ons. Validat…
…e name & address.
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