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Mapnik Legendary

Mapnik Legendary is a small utility to help with generating legends (aka map keys) from Mapnik stylesheets. You describe in a config file which attributes, and which zoom level(s) you want an image for, and it reads the stylesheet and spits out .png files. It uses the ruby-mapnik bindings to load the stylesheets and mess around with the datasources, so you don't actually need any of the shapefiles or database connections to make this work.



You can install the gem from rubygems:

gem install mapnik_legendary

Alternatively, you can add the gem to your project's Gemfile

gem mapnik_legendary


For full options, run

mapnik_legendary -h


mapnik_legendary examples/openstreetmap-carto-legend.yml osm-carto.xml

See examples/openstreetmap-carto-legend.yml