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Tagged Oct 25, 2013

  • Added v2.2.0 reference


Tagged Sept 26, 2013

Updated when Mapnik 2.3.x was at 68ff3ce.

  • Added color-to-alpha image filter


Tagged Sept 19, 2013

Updated when Mapnik master was at 2ebd3e9bf8.

  • Removed uneeded description properties.
  • Corrected the text-min-padding doc to note that it only relates to whether a label is within a given distance of the edge of a (meta)tile not other text.
  • Added Map background-image-opacity and background-image-comp-op
  • Added line-pattern-offset
  • Added direct-image-filters
  • Added scale-hsla image-filter
  • Added raster-colorizer
  • Added text-halo-rasterizer
  • Added geometry-transform
  • Added shield-transform, shield-placements, and shield-placement-type
  • Added debug-mode to visualize collision boxes
  • Moved experimental latest/datasources.json to latest/datasources.template so datasources.json now is fully baked


Tagged February 5th, 2013

Updated when Mapnik master was at 19e52c013639.

  • Exposed simplify and simplify-algorithm properties


Tagged January 2, 2013

Updated when Mapnik master was at fd089a228b7.

  • Added value keywords known by Mapnik for rhs filtering (#42)


Tagged November 29, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at 26889c4761e.

  • Added the obscure shield-unlock-image parameter, long supported by Mapnik.


Tagged November 26, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at c39c839452 and 2.1.x branch as at 0b2f2f8ee0.

  • Adds new reference for Mapnik 2.1.1 (upcoming)
  • Adds marker-multi-policy option for >= 2.1.1


Tagged Sept 6, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at a513d3f97

  • Updates the schema by introducing a "unsigned" type for integer values. Carto and other parsers will be backwards-compatible with values specified in floats by rounding them to integers.


Tagged Aug 30, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at 2e44e8c4

  • Various docs fixes
  • Added interior option for markers-placement
  • Fixed required values for shields with Mapnik >= 2.1
  • Added map-maximum-extent
  • Fixed up layer and style properties in all versions
  • Remove font-set which was uneeded
  • Fixed doc string for marker-width.


Tagged Aug 15, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at 4cf1484


Tagged Aug 8, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at 7847af51e7

  • Corrected internally reported versions for latest and 2.0.2


Tagged Aug 8, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at 7847af51e7

  • Made point-file optional
  • Added marker-ignore-placement to 2.0.1 as per backport (
  • Added new 2.0.2 reference - an exact copy of 2.0.1 as no changes were made in Mapnik between these releases


Tagged Aug 2, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at a22b31b0cc

  • Added line-gamma-method and polygon-gamma-method
  • Added line-miterlimit
  • Removed remaining shield-no-text from latest/reference.json


Tagged Aug 1, 2012

Updated when Mapnik master was at a22b31b0cc

  • Now transform properties are functions type
  • Added fill-opacity for markers
  • Exposed clip and smooth on all appropriate symbolizers
  • Declared text-orientation as expression type
  • Matched transform naming with Mapnik
  • Fixed default value for raster-scaling to near
  • Added more raster-scaling types: near,spline36,hanning,hamming,hermite,kaiser,quadric,catrom,bessel,mitchell,sinc,blackman
  • Removed raster-mode, use raster-comp-op instead
  • Added polygon-pattern-opacity - newly supported in Mapnik
  • Fixed up which symbolizers support comp-op (removed buildings, added line-pattern)
  • Removed no-text for shield symbolizer since Mapnik >= 2.1.x no longer uses this.
  • Fixed naming of stroke-dashoffset
  • Renamed all instances of composite-operation to comp-op to match mapnik/svg spec
  • Fixed buffer-size type in 2.0.1 reference (uri -> float)
  • Improved tests: run them with make test


  • Add shield-allow-overlap
  • Add shield-vertical-alignment
  • Add text-wrap-before and shield-wrap-before
  • Made marker-width, marker-height, and shield-name expressions
  • Fixed default value for text/shield alignment properties


  • Add expression type
  • Add functions type
  • Add transform function definitions for point-transform and, eventually, other transforms


  • Fixed type definition of font-directory in reference targeting latest mapnik


  • Fixed type definition of font-directory, ensuring it is interpreted as a uri


  • Add raster-comp-op (temporarily named raster-composite-operation)


  • Add invert() image filter function
  • Rename color-spin compositing to colorize-alpha


  • The style-property image-filters becomes of the functions type and gains [name, arity] specs for each function.


  • For the property buffer-size under the Map symbolizer, the CSS representation becomes buffer-size, not `buffer.


  • Added symbolizer-specific composite-operation code.