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Fix spelling mistake and add more details to TileMill vs Carto section.

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## Manual download
-You can also download them maunally at the following paths:
+You can also download them manually at the following paths:
* `shoreline_300.shp` [download](
* `processed_p.shp` [download](
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ See for more details.
* [TileMill]( - This is a TileMill project you can copy (or symlink) directly into your Mapbox/project directory
+If you aren't using TileMill, you can compile the CartoCSS stylesheets into Mapnik XML using the command-line `carto` command.
* [carto]( >= 0.9.3 (we're using instances with cascading rules)
* [mapnik]( >= 2.0.0 (we might move to 2.1 in the near term

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