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Remove the catchall from #roads-text-name #1

gravitystorm opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Andy Allan Will Skora
Andy Allan

There's a catchall at the end of #roads-text-name that draws labels on all kinds of things. This should be reworked into explicit rules.

At the moment it'll label all kinds of linear features, due to the rather bizarre sql query. It should only render roads, and if other things (underground power cables?) need labelling, there should be explicit rules for these to allow people to turn them on and off as they see fit.

Also, the catch-all leads to needing to explicitly override the values (e.g. halo-radius: 0;) on the more explicit rules.

Will Skora


This will be in 2.0, not 1.0, right ?

Andy Allan

We're already at 2.2.0, so this is in scope as part of the "Easier to wrangle" aspect - it's currently very hard to customise the map if you want to turn off some of the (annoying) text labels.

mrwojo referenced this issue from a commit in mrwojo/openstreetmap-carto
mrwojo Remove halos from highway link names
Part of #1 and #168. The halos came from the catchall at the end of
Andy Allan

Fixed in 286d098

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