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Too much parking! #70

pnorman opened this Issue · 18 comments


We are perhaps over-emphasizing parking in Washington, DC.


especially misleading if you've ever tried to park here.


marker-spacing: float ?


Perhaps we should push the start of rendering private parking to a higher zoom as well?


Wanted to fix this with a nice tiled look, similar to graveyards or vineyards. Ie small faint 'p' icons that only appear on lower zoom levels would nicely solve this


I've fixed this problem in the OSM-FR fork: see the same area at

I'm taking into account way_area as well as the parking name and type (multi-storey) to show large parking first, then smaller one the more you zoom. capacity=* could also be used.

@matkoniecz matkoniecz referenced this issue from a commit
@matkoniecz matkoniecz Change POIs displayed at z15 and z16 as discussed on #689
makes #70 less severe or maybe even fixed

+1 for @cquest code, French tiles looks much better when you look eg. at this area.



Just to ask the obvious question - are all of those parking areas such as really public car parks? They're currently tagged as if they are.


Yep, in theory everyone can park there, but as you can predict there is nearly enough space for people living there, so most of the time it's full of cars.


In addition to size, what makes a car park especially important is "are there any others nearby" - if the answer is "no", then it's important to know where it is, no matter how big it is.


Are hstore tags available ?

No, unfortunately not at the moment.


The way area is, as we have discussed before, a solution to this.
however there is an issue with multi storey car parks with this as the area is relatively small compared to the capacity, which we don't store (yet)


This looks a lot better due to f04c2b6 / #689 - is it closable?

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