Please render amenity=parking + capacity:disabled>0 #81

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As noted at, parking with one or more disabled spaces - capacity:disabled>=1 - should receive a distinctive icon. There's a nice one in the contact sheet at as mentioned in the original report.

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Adding new tags to stylesheets #88


I think disabled parking is too specific for a generic purpose map. I therefore don't think we should render this.

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I disagree The "disabled parking" icon in question would neither add clutter nor confusion compared to the regular icon, and is of a style consistent with it. It is useful to all map users (in this country) who drive motor vehicles because disabled spaces cannot be used by motorists not displaying a permit.

Also, to repeat myself from the original report an appeal to the QA/immediate feedback loop:

In the absence of this in the default Mapnik rendering, mappers are resorting to hacks like naming parking blocks for disabled drivers using name=Disabled. Hopefully a fix will emerge soon.


Re-opened to allow for more discussion.

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I think this is to specific for general purpose map. Are we to add parent and baby spaces too?

To be honest I do even think (the main site for wheelchair usage) renders anything for wheelchair capacity>1


My main gripe with this idea is that I've never seen a parking that was wholy dedicated to disabled parking. It's a property of the parking space, not the parking area. But I'm not sure we want to render individual parking places ?

Also, why would the disabled spaces take priority over the familly, electric, bus, bike, etc spaces ? Adding a sub-icon for each would look silly.


(Alternative name-based hack: use U+267F WHEELCHAIR SYMBOL ) ☺

But seriously, the information is damn useful to have for many users, as I found out a few months ago visiting central Oxford with my father (good luck finding any car parking space there without a blue badge).

Rethinking it (thanks, for the feedback, esp. @vincentdephily), probably a sub-icon on the P icon for the main area is a bad idea. So backtracking, I'd be happy for this to be rendered from either:

  • amenity=parking_space and (parking_space=disabled or wheelchair=yes/designated)
  • amenity=parking and wheelchair=yes/designated

rather than the capacity-count method because precise location matters more for map users than a summary count. Or whatever the community uses, of course!

It's useful info to have still, but not for everyone. Perhaps specific type-symbols should go on at high zooms only on a general map? Thoughts?

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Although there is some disagreement, most of us seem to be in favour of not rendering this. I will therefore close this issue.

@math1985 math1985 closed this Sep 24, 2014
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