Add rendering for amenity=doctors #89

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Previously, a few people have been keen on seeing amenity:doctors or similar render:

There are renderings for dentists, and renderings for hospitals; arguably seeing a local GP is more relevant to more individuals who may be using OSM; than visiting a dentist.

Failing that, wontfixing this + the other 4 tickets would be worth doing to clean up the number of open requests.


Just found that, and +1... We shouldn't probably go into the detailed specialities, but one small icon or just the name would be good. No idea at which zoom it should start.

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We still don't have the icon for this tag. The same with amenity=clinic.


@WlaKom - that is why this ticket is open.


The current behavior also get's odd when you have an amenity=doctors with an address, the house-number will be displayed instead of each doctor, in my case leading to duplicated numbers that are rendered.


See #1041 (comment) for a perhaps clearer icon. I would have proposed it already, but there is #1041 and I didn't want to supercede it.


Resolved by #1201.

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