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I would like to see 100 new OpenStreetMap developers in 2014. This project analyses various source code repositories to measure this goal.


OpenStreetMap has a near limitless number of projects which use the data in one way or another. It is a matter of debate which projects are 'OpenStreetMap' projects and which just happen to use OSM data.

Projects listed are

  • OSM data editors
  • OSM-specific software run on osm.org
  • OSM-specific software referred to in common documentation (e.g. switch2osm)
  • Utilities supporting the above
  • Software which used to be the above, but has been replaced. Historic software matters for getting historic numbers

It does not include software which is not primarily OSM-specific, like Mapnik, Leaflet, or PostGIS. It would be difficult to develop without these, but they're not OSM software and have a different pool of developers.


It's hard to figure out automatically who is who from git commits. I'm using the email address as a reasonable proxy, but this might lead to 'new' contributors who are in fact the same people with different addresses.

Let's not get too hung up on the details though - if we're arguing whether 15 should actually be 13 it's better to gain another 80 genuine new people instead!