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How to release
Date: 2009-07-01
Versioning Scheme
By default only [POSTGIS_MICRO_VERSION] increments between releases.
[POSTGIS_MINOR_VERSION] is incremented (and MICRO set to 0) when minor
additions have been introduced (one or two functions can be considered
*micro* additions)
[POSTGIS_MAJOR_VERSION] is incremented (and MICRO and MINOR set to 0) when
a dump/reload of existing spatial databases is *REQUIRED* for things
to work or rather *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED* to get new functionalities.
In order to build a release, you will need to build PostGIS and the
documentation -- that means having the required software:
* For PostGIS:
- PostgreSQL
- Proj4
* For the docs:
- xsltproc
- DocBook XSL scripts
- ImageMagick
Release procedure
1) Re-generate the ChangeLog using svn2cl.
2) Edit NEWS: set release date and check all notable changes have
been reported (extract from ChangeLog).
3) Edit README.postgis and set release date and version.
4) Add release notes in doc/release_notes.xml
5) Commit all your changes
6) Tag trunk:
svn copy
7) Checkout tag:
svn checkout
8) Update Version.config as specified in Versioning Scheme above.
9) Commit your version number change to the tag.
10) Run: sh x.x.x
11) Copy tarball to web site and edit downloads page
12) Announce on e-mail
- postgis-users
- postgis-devel
- pgsql-announce
- osgeo-discuss
13) Update web sites
- PostGIS News
- PostGIS doc release versioned doc -
(or remind Chris Hodgson)
- Freshmeat
- Wikipedia
14) Update Trac and make old Milestone as completed
15) Push the revision number in trunk forward if necessary
16) Ensure all the previous released minor versions are listed in extension/