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PostGIS Licensing
This file attempts to include all licenses that apply within the PostGIS
source tree, in particular any that are supposed to be exposed to the end
user for credit requirements for instance.
PostGIS General
In general PostGIS is licensed under GPL Version 2 terms except on files
where expressly stated otherwise. Please refer to the COPYING file for
licensing details.
PostGIS has dependencies on other libraries which are not under GPL and
that are commonly distributed with PostGIS core libraries. In general
these are dynamically linked libraries. Libraries are as follows:
Proj4 - -- X/MIT License
GEOS - -- LGPL License
LibXML - -- X/MIT License
GDAL - -- X/MIT Style License
Source files included with PostGIS not under GPL
-- The following loader/dumper files are derivative works or direct ports
of ShapeLib which is under an X/MIT License: loader/dbfopen,safileio.*,
shapefil.h, shpopen.c
-- These are under AT&T public domain (someone should probably verify)
-- Doc/xsl files
These are under a BSD Style license
The documentation for PostGIS is under a creative commons share-alike
3.0 license.
Data used in documentation falls in one of the following categories
- Many of the examples in the topology and tiger geocoder section utilize
data from US Census Tiger data 2010
- data or snapshots generated by community
- many images autogenerated by PostGIS documentation generator (which
utilizes ImageMagick) as described
- PostGIS raster output functions such as the ST_AsPNG etc.
- raster/vector data from MassGIS: