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GravityView 2.0 rolls out a new simple but powerful REST API that allows read-only access to Views and Entries.

There are 4 endpoints in the /wp-json/gravityview/v1/ namespace:


Returns a list of all the views available to the current user along with the needed fields to render their layouts and some additional information. Form/View administrators can access the connected form, View settings, etc.


Same as /views but for one specific View.


Returns all the entries under the select View. Available in .json and .html format (template used will be the current View template, but can be overridden as needed under a REST context). Only directory-mode entry fields will be included. Extra fields can be added via the gravityview/rest/entry/fields filter.

The structure returned is quite simple - a key-value object with ID -> value.


The same as entries.json, but only single-mode entry fields will be included. The same filter gravityview/rest/entry/fields can be used to alter this behavior.

.html format instead of .json will return HTML code instead. Useful for lazy-loading pagination, etc.

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