Assorted questions to ask during the interview process
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Welcome! This repo seeks to be an ever-improving starting point for technical interviewees when asked the question 'Do you have any questions for us?'. We have a ton! We (gravyboat and preston4tw) are SREs in search of awesome places to work. This questionnaire is our personal aid in filtering companies we interview with to determine how awesome they are and whether or not we want to work there. This questionnaire was created collaboratively in response to some less than great past work experience. We think most of the questions are applicable to any technical interviewee and share it with the public in the hope that it's useful. Our target audience is twofold:

  1. Anyone interviewing in a technical role as related to software development.
  2. Companies that want to hire IT people. Not only should you expect these questions from candidates and be prepared for them, the extent to which you can answer these questions in an awesome fashion is a competitive advantage that will draw high quality candidates to your company looking for work. Everyone is hiring, and there aren't a lot of awesome techies to go around. The Netflix and Valve culture docs are required reading.

The questions

PRs to add questions are welcome!

If you're a company answering these, we highly encourage you to make your answers public! Host the filled out questionnaire on your own public GitHub account, or set up a PR and we'll host your answers here so you can show off how awesome your company is comparatively. If you have some questions you would love to see asked we also like PRs to expand our questions as well!