A simple job website built on top of Flask and SQLite
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Remote-first is a job site written with Flask and backed by sqlite. This is the 'live' version of that site, that means that you'll need to modify the pay_ad function to bypass the Stripe integration. This project is primarily just an example that you can use to learn from. It consists of 4 pages, an index page, an ad page that is unique based on the ad (which is identical to the preview page minus the checkout button), and a job submission page. Salt states to set up this project on a live server are available at: https://github.com/gravyboat/remote-first-salt. You can read more about the design of this project here: https://hungryadmin.com/starting-and-finishing-a-project.html and more about shutting down this project here: INSERT LINK WHEN PUBLISHED


Front Page

alt text

Example Ad

alt text

Submission Page

alt text

How to set up the project

Setting up the project is just a matter of instaling the appropriate requirements via the requirements file (preferably inside a virtualenv), pip install -r requirements.txt, importing the schema to the appropriately named database (based on the conf), sqlite3 db_remotefirst.db < schema.sql by default while in the remote-first directory, and then running the main remotefirst.py file python remotefirst.py. As noted above keep in mind that specific functionality is expected in terms of connectivity to Twitter and Stripe, you can easily modify these sections to exclude those requirements like I did during development.