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StarmadeWrapper is a wrapper utility for the starmade server. It adds command, and scripting, functionality to your server.

Updating from 0.x.x:
	1. Remove the apiKey, donorsTpOthers, adminPanelPort, adminPanelPass, and usePanel settings from the config

	1. Refer to "How to start"
	2. Stop server (type "stop" in console and click ender)
	3. Open "config.yml"
	4. Change settings accordingly

	1. !help: Help for using the commands
	2. !location: Server pms user the location that is expected of the player
	2. !reload: Reload all loaded plugins

How to find more builds:
	1. Go to
How to start:
	1. Unzip this into a directory
	2. Run the script file for your OS
		A. On windows run "windows-start.bat"
		B. On linux run ""
	3. Wait for the server to start
	4. Stop the server, edit the configs to your liking.
	5. Redo step number 2 to start the server again.
How to write plugins:
	1. Download the latest plugins and extract contents of SMW-Plugins
	2. Add StarmadeWrapper-API.jar to the libs of your plugin
	3. Use this as a guide
How to get in touch:
	1. Connect to and join #gravypod
	2. Email me at
Good to know info:
	1. Yes, I do like feature requests
	2. Yes, I can work with you if you are a hosting company to get this working with your setup
	3. No, I am not breaking the TOS of starmade
	1. Java 7
Libraries used & packaged within the jar:
	1. YamlBeans ( )
	2. Json-Simple ( )