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kc – Kerberos ccache manager


$ . kc.bash
$ kc
» 1 @               grawity@NULLROUTE.EU.ORG                        Jun 12 21:19
  2 8zRpuA          grawity@CLUENET.ORG                             Jun 13 01:32
x 3 iaJIxT          grawity@CLUENET.ORG                             (expired)
  4 cn              grawity@CLUENET.ORG                             Jun 12 21:00
$ kc =cna
Password for grawity/admin@CLUENET.ORG:
$ kc @
Switched to grawity@NULLROUTE.EU.ORG (FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_1000)

In the example above, the "default" ccache (/tmp/krb5cc_$UID) is selected as $KRB5CCNAME. The 3rd ccache is expired.

There even is ANSI color.


  • kc – list ccaches
  • kc <name> – select ccache by name or number
  • kc <principal> – select ccache by principal
  • kc new – select a new ccache with generated name
  • kc purge – destroy ccaches with expired TGTs
  • kc destroy [<name>...] – destroy selected ccaches

ccache abbrevs

  • one or two digits – kc's internal numbering
  • @ – system default ccache, usually FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_${uid}
  • :DIR:${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/krb5cc, a multi-TGT cache
  • :nameDIR::${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/krb5cc/tkt${name}, a single ccache in the directory
  • + – current ccache if it is a DIR, same as : otherwise
  • +name – if current ccache is a DIR, the specified ccache in that directory; otherwise, same as :name
  • ^nameKEYRING:krb5cc.${name}, Linux kernel keyring (MIT Krb5)
  • ^^nameKEYRING:${name} (same as above)
  • kcmKCM:${uid}, "Kerberos Credential Manager" daemon (Heimdal)
  • newFILE:/tmp/krb5cc_${uid}_XXXXXX, randomly-generated name matching the session-specific cache pattern
  • any string with /FILE:${str}, a file ccache in arbitrary locations
  • any other string – FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_${uid}_${str}, session-specific caches used by sshd, pam_krb5 and other tools

If a name is prefixed with =, kc will look for a matching line in ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/k5aliases and ~/lib/dotfiles/k5aliases. If a line with matching 1st field is found, kinit will be run with the 2nd and further fields as arguments.

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