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bash Merge branch 'master' of Feb 18, 2017
ca-certs ca-certs: remove obsolete Nullroute CA r2 Mar 27, 2016
etc-certs etc-certs: import US FPKI CA Jun 15, 2016
git Merge branch 'master' of Jan 16, 2017
gui Xresources: whitespace Jan 15, 2017
irssi irssi/theme: use default background for bars Sep 26, 2015
mail muttrc: turns out it's a colon-separated list Feb 23, 2017
pacman makepkg: fix --srcinfo mode Dec 4, 2016
ssh Merge branch 'master' of Feb 19, 2017
vim update submodules Feb 18, 2017
zsh zshrc: bind Ctrl+arrows Mar 4, 2016
.dotfiles.notes dotfiles: VirtualBox 4.3 uses ~/.config Dec 20, 2016
.environ.notes environ: write down agent-ssh-socket trick Aug 12, 2016
.gitignore git: set cookieFile Sep 17, 2016
.gitmodules vim: remove duplicate submodule Feb 7, 2017
.mailmap mailmap: I used the incorrect realname in one place Oct 17, 2013
.sysenv.notes sysenv: not the best place for this, but let's keep it for now Jul 24, 2014
Makefile add a Makefile Dec 14, 2013 add a note Jul 4, 2015
bashrc bashrc: set $SELF to own IP address Dec 8, 2016
bashrc-frost bashrc: remove some other unused aliases Jan 15, 2017 bash/prompt: swap separators to result in .class and :subelement like… Feb 3, 2017
bashrc-rain bashrc-rain: correctly quote values in :pp Feb 18, 2017
bashrc-sky bashrc-{wolke,sky}: add some silly quagga aliases Feb 28, 2016
bashrc-wolke bashrc-wolke: add //proto, also IPv6 variants Dec 28, 2016
dircolors dircolors: document formats Nov 18, 2016
environ environ: remove unused vars Dec 20, 2016
environ-frost environ-rain: revert back to default r600 libva driver Jul 27, 2016
environ-rain misc Jan 15, 2017
hgrc hgrc: remove unused setting Jan 15, 2017
htoprc htoprc: actually add the relevant settings Jun 7, 2015
inputrc inputrc: make Shift+Tab more useful Feb 5, 2017
install install: clean up Dec 20, 2016
irbrc misc Oct 12, 2015
k5aliases misc Mar 27, 2016
k5login.rules k5login: simplify Oct 23, 2015
lftprc lftprc: add config for /r/homelab server Jan 21, 2017
profile whitespace and stuff Dec 10, 2015
profile-rain profile-rain: remove hopefully-no-longer-necessary gvfs fix Jan 15, 2017
pythonrc misc Jan 15, 2017
radare2rc r2: disable fortunes Dec 23, 2016
screenrc screen: terminfo only Oct 13, 2015
tmux.conf tmux: activate RGB-color support for xterm Apr 23, 2016
xinitrc xinitrc: actually don't force bus path to the well-known one Dec 20, 2016
xprofile xprofile: remove leftovers of auca-stash/-seed Jan 15, 2017


This stuff is usually kept in ~/lib/dotfiles/ and symlinked to the usual locations by the install script.

Shell rc scripts

Shell stuff gets sourced in this order:

  • .profilesh compatible login script, kept minimal
    • .environsh compatible environment variables & umask
      • .environ-$HOSTNAME
    • .bashrc if running in bash
    • .environ if it wasn't sourced yet
      • .bashrc-$HOSTNAME
    • .profile-$HOSTNAME
  • .xprofile – X11 login script after profile

The .environ file is intended to be safe to source from anywhere, including .bashrc – that way it also applies to ssh $host $command (which only uses .bashrc and not .profile).


Does the same as a display manager's Xsession script would do: sets $DESKTOP_SESSION; sources .profile, .xprofile; loads .Xresources and .Xkbmap. (Also sets a default background.)


Loads .Xresources and .Xkbmap from alternate paths.

Sets up session environment – shared between all DMs and xinit. Currently – kernel keyring, synaptics.

If $DESKTOP_SESSION is empty (a bare WM is being started), starts necessary daemons: compositor, notification daemon, polkit agent, screensaver, systemd-logind lock event handler, xbindkeys.

Also starts misc. daemons that are X11-dependent and per-session.

Misc notes

  • the underscores are there so that I could have just a single - dotfiles/vim/_* rsync exclude rule instead of 4–5 separate ones