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# IRC server family tree
??? - I am not sure if this ircd fits here
foo - ircd name
aka bar - other equally official names
(@ foo) - main networks
(foo) - minor rename
(foo = bar) - branch codenames
bar (<-foo) - major rename (not a fork)
bar [<-foo] - forked from ircd foo
{foo} - protocol spoken by latest version (from source code)
{foo <- bar, baz} - protocols spoken by older versions
sorted alphabetically with "ircd-" prefix removed
(from scratch)
ircd2.8 {IRCnet <- RFC1459, RFC2812}
ircd2.8.21+CSr [<-ircd2.8.21] {RFC1459, TSora}
ircd2.8.21+CSr29+LT [<-ircd2.8.21+CSr29]
ircd2.8/th [<-ircd2.8]
ircd-hybrid5 aka ircd2.8/hybrid-5 [<-ircd2.8/th.v5a.3] {TS5/TS6 <- TS3}
(ircd-hybrid 6.x {TS3, TS3/TS5, TS5})
ircd2.8/gimpnet (@ GIMPnet) [<-hybrid 6.3] {TS5}
??? Aurora
Bahamut (@ DALnet) [<-hybrid 5.3?] {TS5 <- TS1/TS3}
(1.0 = pelennor)
Azzura Bahamut (@ [<-Bahamut 1.4.34] {TS3/TS5}
??? Chimera (TR-IRCD4) {TS3}
??? Kenora (TR-IRCD5) {TS5} [scratch]
??? Austhex v8 {TS7~TS3}
Chunky Monkey
??? fqircd
??? Pride (@ {TS5}
Prometheus 2.0.0 (@ [<-Bahamut 1.4.23]
RageIRCd 2.0 aka rage(bluemoon) [<-Bahamut 1.4.23, hybrid, ratbox]
wudan (@ RusNet, WeNet) [<-Bahamut 1.4.3x]
ircd-RU! (<-wudan 1.0.2)
solid-ircd (@ [<-Bahamut 1.8]
ircd-tiamat [<-bahamut 1.8]
TR-IRCD 4.x [<-Bahamut 1.4]
UltimateIRCd (@ [<-Bahamut 1.4.8]
(3.0 = Tsunami)
CritenIRCd (@ Criten/Abjects)
nemesis (@ Criten)
ShadowIRCd 1.2 [<-UltimateIRCd 3.0, OpenIRCd]
dancer-ircd [<-hybrid 6.2] {TS4+DNCR}
Hyperion [<-dancer-ircd 1.0.35+pre2]
plexus aka ircd-rizon (@ Rizon) [<-hybrid 7.2.3]
Rizon IRCd
Plexus4 (@ Rizon) [<-hybrid 8.1.20]
PTLink 6 [<-hybrid 6.0] {PTS10<-PTS9,TS5…}
ircd-ratbox {TS6 <- TS3, TS5}
Bluebox (@ [<-ratbox 3.0.4]
Charybdis [<-ircd-ratbox 2.1.5] {TS6 <- TS5}
ArinityIRCd [<-Charybdis 3.4]
FreeBG ircd [<-Charybdis 3.4]
ircd-seven (@ freenode) [<-Charybdis 3.0.1]
ShadowIRCd 6.x
ponychat-ircd [<-ShadowIRCd 6.3.3]
elemental-ircd (<-ponychat-ircd 6.5.1)
syntaxIRCd 1.0 [<-elemental-ircd 6.5.2]
SorIRCd 3.x (@ Sorcery.Net)
ircd-FEF (@
thelfylda [<-Charybdis 3.5pre]
DomIRCd (@ DomIRC) [<-Charybdis 4-rc3]
ChatIRCd (@ ChatLounge) [<-Charybdis 3.5.x]
neephi [<-Charybdis 3.5.x]
ircd-evangelion [<-ircd-ratbox 2.2.6]
ShadowIRCd 2.x-4.x [<-hybrid 6.3.1/6.4.1]
(2.1 = Cyclops)
(2.4 = Pyrashi)
(3.0 = Cortana)
(3.1 = Moonlight)
ircd2.8/TSpre7 {TSpre7}
ircd2.8.20.mu2+Dal (@ DALnet) {TSpre8}
ircd-dal4.3 (<-2.8.21.mu3.dal4.2)
DreamForge (@ DALnet) [<-dal4.6.1]
DarkFire (@ [<-dal4.6.5.DreamForge]
(twilight = df-1.0)
ShadowX-ircd [1.0<-dal4.4.8]
EliteIRCd [1.0<-Shadow3.9]
UnrealIRCd [<-EliteIRCd 2.0b13]
gs-ircd (@ GeekShed)
rabbitircd [<-UnrealIRCd 3.4]
faerion (@ (<-???-1.14.1)
ircd-sor [1.0<-dal4.4.10]
ircd-star2.00 (@
(star5.x = Velocity)
PTLink 5 [<-star5.10.fx4.Velocity]
PTnet (@ [<-dal4.6]
ircd2.9.31.mu3.AUSThex4 (@
ircu [<-ircd2.7] {P10 <- TSpre7, TSpre8, P9}
austhex.servd6.2 {P10 – maybe austhex-specific}
austhex.servd7 {P11}
austhex.servd7.5 {P13}
Wonkhex [<-austhex7.5]
Nefarious [<-u2.10.11.4]
Othernet (@ [<-ircu2.9]
dream-ircu [<-u2.10.12.10]
glx2.x (@
ircd-sakura [<-u2.10.12.10]
snircd (@ QuakeNet)
ircd2.11 {RFC2812+UIDs}
vantage (@
beware-ircd {P10}
csircd {TS5}
DarkIRCd {TS6}
InspIRCd {InspIRCd TS6}
ircd-sakura [<-InspIRCd-1.1.11+Xynotyro]
IRCNode/ts6-base {TS6}
ithildin (@ {TS5.bahamut14, dreamforge, TS3}
ircd-micro {TS6}
tethys (<-ircd-micro 0.1)
ngIRCd {RFC2812}
Pure-IRCd (in VB)
Synchronet IRCd
Titan IRCd
ViagraIRCd [<-Titan + Bahamut 1.4.30]
## Bahamut
(branch 1.0 = "pelennor"?)
protocol: TS5 (as of 1.4.36 g417c5e9)
- TS1..TS3 (up to g417c5e9)
## Charybdis
base: ratbox 2.1.5+datadrain (+ ircu 2.11)
protocol: TS6 (as of v3.1)
- TS5..TS6 (up to v3.0)
"Charybdis is originally based on ratbox 2.0, with some additional code
from ircu 2.11, but a large number of features from Charybdis were
integrated back into ratbox with ratbox 3, and ircu 2.12, and contributions
are contributed bi-directionally on a regular basis."
## Hyperion
base: dancer-ircd 1.0.35+pre2
## ircd2.8+CSr
protocol: TSora (as of 2.8.21+CSr16)
## ircd-ru
base: Bahamut 1.4.30
## ircd-seven
base: ⇆ Charybdis 3.0.1 (+ Hyperion)
## rabbitircd
base: UnrealIRCd 3.4
"RabbitIRCD is a fork of the now-defunct UnrealIRCd 3.4 tree, originated by
developers on the Weresource IRC network."
## ratbox
protocol: TS6 (as of r25522)
- TS3..TS6 (in r14623..r25522)
- TS3..TS5 (in r11494..r14622)
- TS3..TS5 (up to r11493)
## tethys
"there are a few reasons why it is desirable to replace charybdis:
- it does not integrate will into the rest of the atheme platform due to
being a ratbox fork, i.e. we decided to follow ratbox upstream and work
with them on libratbox, meaning that we have our own libmowgli and
there is also this libratbox thing and there's a lot of feature
- bitrot from changes to changes to changes to 2.8.21 code, which is not
well understood in terms of side effects, etc.
- legal issues with the ratbox/hybrid-7 origin of charybdis, including:
- diane bruce's decision to strip copyrights from headers, giving us
very little idea of the origin of most 2.8.21 code ("ircd
contributors past and present")
- multiple licenses used in the code (GPLv1, GPLv2, BSD-likes), some
authors no longer being alive to relicense their code to BSD-like
or allowing an exception to allow openssl to be linked against it
- binary redistributions of charybdis linked to openssl are illegal
because of the above
- many components of mowgli (VIO, for example) were designed with the
intention of replacing charybdis"
base: Bahamut 1.4.29 → TR-IRCD 4.x
rebase: ircd-hybrid 7 → TR-IRCD 5.0
"The TR-IRCd Project started in 1999 to provide one Turkish IRC server
(IRCTR) with a more suitable IRC daemon. Yusuf, who was himself an
IRC-Operator on this network started with modifying Bahamut 1.4, adding a
IP hiding algorithm and some enhancements to provide operators a better
control over the Network."
"After the initial release Yusuf started a Sourceforge Project opening the
IRCd to the wide public. At this time Ekim joined the team, mostly for
suggestions and shell scripting but also for minor coding issues. So when
in Autumn 2001 the second major release TR-IRCd 4.0 came out, the IRCd got
used on another Turkish IRC Network (TTNet)."
"Some bug fixes soon resulted in releases of minor version upgrades, some
of them including new features, mostly adapted from Bahamut. The final
release was TR-IRCd 4.3 after which a release freeze was announced..."
"The development moved over to the new upcoming and completely rewritten
TR-IRCd 5.0 which unites many of the best features of Bahamut and Hybrid
and our own new ideas..."
## dream-ircu
base: ircu2.10.12.10 (+ asuka 1.2.1) (+ nefarious 1.0.1)
"Dream IRCu is an IRCd made especially for russian undernet-like network."
## ircd-evangelion
base: ircd-ratbox 2.2.6 (+ Charybdis)
## ircd-micro
base: none (+ Charybdis)
"ircd-micro is an attempt to write an IRC daemon from scratch for the 4.3
BSD architecture. This was done more as a personal challenge rather than as
a real practical project."
"The goal is to be fully compatible with most modern TS6 IRC daemons, in
particular charybdis ircd and atheme-services. This will allow a 4.3 BSD
system running ircd-micro to be linked into existing TS6 networks."
## ircd-sakura
base [1]: ircu2.10.12.10
base [2]: InspIRCd-1.1.11+Xynotyro (+ Unreal 3.x) (+ Unreal 4)
"Sakura Internet Relay Chat Daemon is a fork of InspIRCd, developed
especially for eFNet(RU) IRC Network."
## ircd-tiamat
base: Bahamut 1.8
## urcd
Small urc daemon (IRC protocol fork made for anonymity and lack of power
for server operators). Very decentralized, no password needed for linking.
## Viagra IRCd
"Viagra IRCd is an IRC Daemon I developed while attending college at
Rochester Institute of Technology. Its code base was Titan IRCd (of which
development ended prematurely). The last version of Titan IRCd was
unsuitable for production use do to its incomplete state. It crashed
constantly lending to Viagra IRCd’s original development name of “Titanic”.
Though only available to a few select networks the development version
quickly created a buzz. After many late nights the IRCd reached a stable
code base. So stable that many of the test networks joked that we should
name it “Viagra IRCd” and use “Rock Solid Stability” as its catch phrase…
Perhaps it was the lack of sleep but I applied the name and it stuck."
"The daemon was based on the titan and bahamut code bases and incorporated
many of the popular features found in daemons like Unreal IRCd and Ultimate
IRCd. It was/is supported by Anope Services, Auspice Services, Neo Stats, a
custom distribution of Epona (available for download here, although it
contains many security vulnerabilities and should not be used in an
unpatched state), and Floodworld."
Distinctive features
- has "TS5ow-r[RELEASE] RPL𝒏 NP[.....]" in /VERSION reply
RPL𝒏 – Ridiculous Paranoia Level
- has "ELIST=cmntu" in RPL_ISUPPORT
- replies to /ISNEF with numeric 371 saying "NI <version>"
>> :EU.Beirut.Com 371 grawity :NI u2.10.11.07+Nefarious(1.3.0) [2807 2010-11-18]
ircu and derivatives (asuka, Nefarious)
- mention "DESYNCH", "END_OF_BURST", "EOB_ACK" in /HELP reply
- has ServOpts=... and Proto=... in /VERSION reply
- has "EXCEPTS=e CHANTYPES=#& PREFIX=(aohv)!@%+" ... "STD=i-d" in RPL_ISUPPORT
- has excepts but not invex
- replies to /IRCDHELP
[irchighway] -!- UltimateIRCd(Tsunami)-3.0(02).m5 RelStatus=RELEASE ServOpts=CiIp(TS5ow)-SSL Proto=3000
Unreal, others
- replies to /DALINFO
- replies to /BOTMOTD
- replies to /RULES
- replies to /RPING?
- one of few ircds to have "STD=i-d" in RPL_ISUPPORT
ConferenceRoom (
- has "ConferenceRoom/4.0.7-SEC" in 004
- has strange token in 014
- 377: z-default 618 1328901086 :Last MOTD change ...: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 11:11:26 -0800
- 221: +ixpemJMn
- has /ACCESS, /SET, /AUTH, /AVATAR...
Todo: – euIRCd 1.3.3 [perry] – Pride-2.2(21) from Bahamut? "TS5ow-r[CURRENT] RPL1 ..."
aABCDEFhiMrt/Hop TS5ow-r[CURRENT] RPL1 utf-8e (ssl) OP[IKMNOPSTUW] 512 – PTlink7.1.0-rc2 – dal.4.6.Based.PTnet1.7.00
004: dal4.6.Based.PTnet1.7.00 oiwsghOkcfrRaAb bcdiklmnopstvR
VERSION: PTnet1.7.00. ACHiIMpnY 32
(very short 005; delayed ident) – StarIRCD-7.0 "CHANMODES=beH,... NOQUIT TOKEN STD=i-d", has JINX, AKILLEX – vlife.ircd, TODO: what numeric is used for /vlife?
RusNet – 1.5.18/uk_UA.KOI8-U for UTF – 2.0.5/uk... (CHANTYPES=#&!+)
u2.10.H.10.217. B96eEFfI+KMpt6vW.IRC-HISPANO.2048.40.JG+CS+CSF+DB-C+CFG+.Z+.W(128)+.TS(30)+CH+Cr-C+VIP++-.G
gimpnet – 2.8/gimpnet-0.1beta3+ipv6-0.2 oOiwszcrkfydnxb biklmnopstve ACeGHiMpYZ TS5ow
$Id: Hybrid-team,v 1.29 2002/01/18 00:01:51 db Exp $
at/later than 8ba677341ec15b9a30a8104bd2140fced2de9eab (/info)
at/later than e3a75c85074ddf8fc99f23cef785e46559074cfa (005 maxbans)
earlier than 74ba3877176ab257ec695b2bcc439643194066cc (/info) – "charybdis-nodeircd" – SorIRCd
(c) 2013–2015 Mantas Mikulėnas <>
Released under WTFPL v2.0 <>.
vim: ts=4:sw=4:et