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# Part of PyBBIO
# MIT License
# Beaglebone i2c driver
import bbio, cape_manager, os, glob, serbus
from config import I2C_BASE_ADDRESSES
class I2CBus(serbus.I2CDev):
def __init__(self, bus):
assert 1<= bus <= 2, 'Only I2C buses 1 and 2 are available'
# Run serbus.I2CDev initializtion:
super(I2CBus, self).__init__(bus)
self._is_open = False
def open(self, use_10bit_address=False):
""" -> None
Initialize the I2C bus interface.
If use_10bit_address=True the bus will use 10-bit slave addresses
instead of 7-bit addresses.
if self._is_open: return
if self.bus_num == 1 and not cape_manager.isLoaded("BB-I2C1"):
# I2C2 is already enabled for reading cape EEPROMs,
# so only need to load overlay for I2C1
cape_manager.load("BB-I2C1", auto_unload=False)
# Make sure it initialized correctly:
if not cape_manager.isLoaded("BB-I2C1"):
raise IOError("could not enable I2C1")
# Detect bus number:
# (since I2C2 is always enabled at boot, it's kernel assigned
# bus number will always be the same, and I2C1 will always be
# the next consecutive bus number, so this isn't actually
# required)
for i in glob.glob("/sys/bus/i2c/devices/i2c-*"):
path = os.path.realpath(i)
module_addr = int(path.split("/")[4].split(".")[0], 16)
if module_addr == I2C_BASE_ADDRESSES[self.bus_num]:
self.bus_num = int(path.split("/")[5][-1])
super(I2CBus, self).open(use_10bit_address=use_10bit_address)
self._is_open = True
def begin(self, use_10bit_address=False):
""" Same as """
def end(self):
""" Same as I2CBus.close() """
def i2c_cleanup():
""" Closes all open i2c buses. """
Wire1 = I2C1 = I2CBus(1)
Wire2 = I2C2 = I2CBus(2)
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