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Remove mention of Windows installer from tutorial

We don't want users to hurt themselves, since the installer has
a bug in 0.1 that could possibly corrupt %PATH%


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12 doc/
@@ -91,11 +91,6 @@ packages:
* gnu make 3.81 or later
* curl
-On Windows Rust requires [MinGW][mingw] (version 20110802 is known to
-work). It is currently recommended that windows development be done
-under the MinGW shell to ensure that the environment is configured
Assuming you're on a relatively modern Linux system and have met the
prerequisites, something along these lines should work:
@@ -108,6 +103,9 @@ $ ./configure
$ make && make install
+Building from source on windows requires some extra steps, please see
+the [getting started][wiki-get-started] page on the Rust wiki.
When complete, `make install` will place the following programs into
@@ -120,10 +118,10 @@ a set of host and target libraries under `/usr/local/lib/rustc`.
The install locations can be adjusted by passing a `--prefix` argument
to `configure`. Various other options are also supported, pass `--help`
-for more information on them.
+for more information on them.
## Compiling your first program

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