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Tools for parsing Forensic images
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Tools for DFIR

  • Get-ZimmermanTools.ps1 - automates download and extraction of Eric Zimmerman's tools
  • Start-ImageParsing.ps1 - automates the use of artifact parsing tool against mounted images and volume shadow copies


PowerShell script that automates the download and extraction of Eric Zimmerman's tools


  • Windows PowerShell 5 or greater


  • The easiest method is to right click and select 'Run with PowerShell'. Tools will be saved to default location: C:\Forensic Program Files\Zimmerman

  • Example using -outDir parameter to specify path to save tools

.\Get-ZimmermanTools.ps1 -outDir C:\Utilities\Zimmerman

Version History


  • Updated base URL as file hosting provider had changed


  • Added RBCmd.exe


  • Initial release


PowerShell script that automates the use of artifact parsing tool against mounted images and volume shadow copies.

The following tools are run where applicable to the image being processed:

Eric Zimmerman Tools (

  • JLECmd.exe
  • LEcmd.exe
  • PEcmd.exe
  • SBECmd.exe
  • AppCompatParser.exe
  • AmcacheParser.exe
  • RecentFileCacheParser.exe
  • WxTCmd.exe
  • MFTECmd.exe
  • Registry Explorer project file creation
  • VSCMount.exe

Obsidian Forensics - Hindsight (

  • Hindsight.exe

NirSoft BrowsingHistoryView (

  • BrowsingHistoryView.exe


  • Eric Zimmerman tools should all be located in the same directory
  • Script should be run from an administrator prompt
  • Windows 10/PowerShell 5 or greater

The default location of tools can be set by modifying the lines below in Start-ImageParsing.ps1:

 [string]$toolPath = "C:\forensic program files\zimmerman", # Change to directory containing Zimmerman tools
 [string]$hindsightPath = "C:\forensic program files\Hindsight\hindsight.exe", # Change to location of Hindsight.exe
 [string]$nirsoftPath = "C:\forensic program files\Nirsoft", # Change to directory containing Nirsoft tools


Note that that intent of this example is to show that the path to the various tools can be specified using parameters. The recommendation is to update the script so these parameters aren't needed.

.\Start-ImageParsing.ps1 -imagePath D:\[root] -toolPath C:\Utilities\Zimmerman -hindsightPath c:\Utilities\Hindsight\Hindsight.exe -nirsoftPath c:\utilities\Nirsoft -outPath \\SERVER\Cases\2018-06-01_1520_Laptop1 

Example using:

  • -imagePath to specify the path to the mounted image
  • -toolPath to specify the path to directory containing Eric Zimmerman tools
  • -hindSightpath to specify path to Hindsight.exe
  • -nirsoftPath to specify path to Nirsoft utlities
  • -outPath to specify location to save processed files
.\Start-ImageParsing.ps1 -imagePath J: -outPath \\SERVER\Cases\2018-06-01_1520_Laptop1 -vsc

Example using:

  • -imagePath to specify the path to the mounted image
  • -outPath to specify location to save processed files
  • -vsc switch parameter to mount Volume Shadow Copies and parse each using tools in script
.\Start-ImageParsing.ps1 -imagePath "\\SIFTWORKSTATION\mnt\shadow_mount\VSS1" -outPath G:\Cases

Example using:

  • -imagePath to specify mounted Volume Shadow Copy on SIFT Workstation
  • -toolPath parameter is not specified and will therefore use the default location
  • -outPath to specify location to save processed files

To Do

  • Provide ability to combine exported files into timeline
  • Add functions for additional tools
  • Combine and dedupe VSC output files

Known Issues and Limtitations

  • Arsenal Image Mounter - Unable to parse $MFT. Hindsight displays locked file message on some Volume Shadow Copies.
  • FTK Imager - Unable to mount and parse Volume Shadow Copies. SBECmd.exe fails to process NTUSER.DAT files when hive is dirty. Hold SHIFT while script is executing to allow parsing of dirty hive
  • SIFT Workstation - Unable to mount/parse Volume Shadow copies and Shellbags

Version History


  • Added functions to mount and parse Volume Shadow Copies
  • Added functions for Hindsight.exe and BrowsingHistoryView.exe
  • Added logic to detect image mounting source and provide alert of limitations of mount type
  • Modified logging. Now includes Start-ImageParsing_Commands.log which includes command history and Start-ImageParsing_Detailed.log which includes all output streams
  • Revisions to some commands to fix bugs and better support multiple image mounting methods


  • Added function to create Registry Explorer project file containing SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE, SYSTEM hives and all NTUSER.DAT, USRClass.DAT hives on the image


  • Fixed AmcacheParser failure when hive was dirty and disk was mounted using FTK Imager


  • Added function to parse MFT using MTECmd.exe. Corrected issue with AMCacheParser. Refactored commands to support toolPath containing spaces


  • Initial release
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