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grayghostvisuals committed Aug 29, 2012
2 parents f8979e3 + c65a264 commit 99559ba3c7241ea4161fd6380691d0ab839a7745
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-#WP-Flex v1.0.3 →
+#WP-Flex v1.0.3
@@ -73,12 +73,7 @@ We strictly follow the Wordpress Coding Guidelines and so should you if you're g
* For WP–Flex we use a [Gitflow Branching Model](
This means our branching is kept nice and clean allowing everyone else to see commits, merges and releases in a logical fashion. Please take the time to review this model to ensure your Pull Requests are accepted. The following items listed are the branches and naming conventions we adhere to.
- * Master
- * Develop
- * Release
- * Hotfix
- * Feature
+ *Master*, *Develop*, *Release*, *Hotfix*, *Feature*
* Keep it simple and as blank as possible –with the exception of the demo styles.
Feel free to give back to the demo styles if you feel inclined :)

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