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Create Tucked In corners quickly and unobtrusively using CSS and Javascript. Packaged into a nice little jQuery plugin for your enjoyment. Happy Tucking!

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Tucked In v1.1.2

A simple and unobtrusive way to create tucked–in corners quickly using progressive enhancement as our guide.

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  1. jQuery
  2. tuckedin.styles.css styles plugin reference <link rel="stylesheet" src="tuckedin.styles.css">
  3. tuckedin.corners-min.js plugin reference <script src="tuckedin.corners-min.js"></script>
  4. 1 line of jQuery to target the element and call the plugin with the ability to pass in custom options

The Tucked–In Recipe

Feel free to add a background to the tuckedin CSS corner classes below in order to match the background color of your tuckedin corners to the main background of your design / theme. Tucked In comes with the ability to pass in custom options for the tucked-in corners containing element.

  /* tucked-in top corners bg */
  .tuckedin-corners-frame .top-corners:before,
  .tuckedin-corners-frame .top-corners:after,
  /* tucked-in bottom corners bg */
  .tuckedin-corners-frame .bottom-corners:before,
  .tuckedin-corners-frame .bottom-corners:after {
    /*background: <your choice here>*/
   * TuckedIn container
   * in case you want to do some @media query stuff
  .tuckedin-corners-frame {<customize here>}

<!-- tuckedin corners plugin -->
<script src="js/minified/tuckedin.corners-min.js"></script>
      // default options for the containing
      // element of your tucked-in corners
      'background' : 'transparent',
      'border'     : 'none',
      'height'     : 'auto',
      'margin'     : 'auto',
      'padding'    : 'auto',
      'width'      : 'auto'

Important Notes

Tucked In strictly uses Compass and Sass to compile so you will need to use these in order to contribute to this project's repo. The compiled production ready CSS has been provided

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