Removes all "Social DRM" from booXtream ePub files
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BooXtream ePub DRM Remover

This script is an implementation of Institute of Biblio-Immunology's First Communique:

"Identifying and Removing Verso/BooXtream 'Social DRM' EPUB eBook Watermarks"

It removes the various manifestations of BooXtream's 'Social DRM' from ePub files.

The seven DRM watermarks that are removed are:

"WM0-2 are overt (readily visible) watermarks and are optional (meaning they may not necessarily be present):
  [WM0] -- Ex Libris Image Watermark
  [WM1] -- Disclaimer Page Watermark
  [WM2] -- Footer Watermarks
WM3-6 are covert (not readily visible) watermarks and are always present:
  [WM3] -- Filename Watermarks
  [WM4] -- Timestamp Fingerprinting
  [WM5] -- CSS Watermark
  [WM6] -- Image Metadata Watermarks"


Python requirements:

BeautifulSoup4, Wand (both can be installed via pip or easy_install)

System requirements:

ImageMagick (used by Wand)

Running -i <infected .epub> -o <destination>