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Configuration settings

Setting Default Description
metrics_librato_enabled false Whether to start the metrics reporter.
metrics_librato_report_interval 15s How often to report metrics to Librato.
metrics_librato_username [empty] The username used for librato.
metrics_librato_token [empty] The token used for Librato.
metrics_librato_enable_legacy true Enable support for the Legacy UI with source dimension.
metrics_librato_source [empty] The source used for metrics, also see metrics_librato_enable_legacy.
metrics_librato_enable_tagging true Enable support for Tagged Metrics, also see metrics_librato_tags.
metrics_librato_tags [empty] A comma-separated list of tags (k:v) pairs, e. g. tag1:value1, tag2:value2.
metrics_librato_name Graylog The name used for Librato.
metrics_librato_prefix [empty] The prefix used for all metrics.
metrics_librato_prefix_delimiter . The prefix delimiter used for all metrics.
metrics_librato_timeout 5s The timeout for communicating with Librato.
metrics_librato_delete_idle_stats true Whether to delete idle stats.
metrics_librato_omit_complex_gauges false Whether to omit complex gauges.
metrics_librato_source_regex [empty] The source regex used for Librato.
metrics_librato_unit_rates seconds The time unit used for rates.
metrics_librato_unit_durations milliseconds The time unit used for durations.
metrics_librato_include_metrics .* A comma-separated list of metric names to report.