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Patch to add back functionality of scroll mouse to chromium
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Restore my chromium wheel mouse setting!

The decision made in late 2012 to remove native support for the ability to adjust the wheel mouse scroll speed via a flag while starting chromium. For example:

chromium --scroll-pixels=300

Although at least one extension exists that will emulate this behavior, many prefer to have the native functionality restored. This patch will revert issue #154776 and will re-enable scroll-pixels.

In the linked bug report above, you will see referenced this ticket against GTK which has been opened since Aug of 2007 and remains open. The strategy of the chromium dev team apparently is to off load the mouse scrolling speed adjustment to a yet-to-be-developed GTK util. Wtf?! Anyway, you may apply the patch I keep updated in this github repo until something official comes out.


  • graysky2 (v25-v30)
  • dolohow (v31+)

Arch linux package

Here is an Arch PKGBUILD that mirrors that of the official [extra]/chromium I maintain that has this patch enabled.

Arch users not wanting to compile on their own (it takes ~35 min on my 4.5 GHz Ivybridge), may freely use precompiled packages which I maintain on my unofficial repo:

Thanks and enjoy.

Contact me

I don't watch the linked tickets above on any frequent basis. Please open an issue against this project if you're aware of an upstream change.

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