Simple script that identifies files not owned by any Arch Linux package.
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ArchangeGabriel and graysky2 Only look where files should be
And make the strict mode more strict (do not exclude anything under `/var`).

This is a partial fix w.r.t. the need for the ability to add excluded folders, but should also improves performances a lot.
Latest commit de6ef2d Jul 13, 2018


A simple script that identifies files not owned and not created by any Arch Linux package.


Run the script as root. See the included man page for options. Care should be taken in deciding which files might be extraneous, particularly when running in strict mode.


This script is only for Linux distros that use pacman for package management. All dependencies are including the Arch Linux base group but are listed out here for general info:

Executable Arch package providing
bash bash
comm coreutils
find findutils
pacman pacman
sed sed
sort coreutils
tr coreutils
xargs findutils