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Python3 library for easy sending of mails. Uses smtplib library.

You need to set all needed variables (listed in (or you can modify default values)) before calling send_mail.

Look into to see what's included and into specific .py files to se functions..



You need to set all needed variables and after that you can call send_mail as many times you would like, as you can see below.

import easymail
easymail.send_mail.use_ssl = False
easymail.send_mail.use_tls = True
easymail.send_mail.server = ''
easymail.send_mail.user = ''
easymail.send_mail.password = 'password'

easymail.send_mail('', '', 'test', 'test2')
easymail.send_mail('', '', 'test', 'test3')
easymail.send_mail('', '', 'test', 'test4')