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Jail 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the plugin with the purpose of making it more configurable and improved performance. Jail allows you to punish people without going to extreme levels of banning but it can also provide some level of role playing with the escaping functionality.


  • Easy API for developers
  • Guards which kill, or attempt to, player trying to escape
  • Handcuffing players
  • Jail Pay for paying your way out of jail
  • Jails which contains cells
  • Jailing Offline and Online players
  • Jailing via items, aka jail stick
  • Multiple World support
  • Record keeping
  • UUID support
  • Voting for players to be jailed
  • Wide variety of protections preventing escape or to create interesting escape routes on role playing servers

New Features

  • Converts old data and configuration
  • Easy to translate, see languages
  • Flatfile Support
  • Improved Performance
  • Messages support a few variables
  • Prisoner clothing
  • Resisting arrest when using jail sticks
  • Set player's gamemode to a special one while in jail
  • Scoreboard configurable
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