Various Rocket.Chat Apps that are useful or can be used as templates.
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Rocket.Chat Marketplace Staff

App which handles and provides a way to approve or reject apps in the Marketplace.

Getting Started

Now that you have generated a blank default Rocket.Chat App, what are you supposed to do next? Start developing! Open up your favorite editor, our recommended one is Visual Studio code, and start working on your App. Once you have something ready to test, you can either package it up and manually deploy it to your test instance or you can use the CLI to do so. Here are some commands to get started:

  • rc-apps package: this command will generate a packaged app file (zip) which can be installed if it compiles with TypeScript
  • rc-apps deploy: this will do what package does but will then ask you for your server url, username, and password to deploy it for you


Here are some links to examples and documentation: