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jEdit Cucumber Mode

The files in this directory are used to provide syntax highlighting of Cucumber's feature files. Various XML techniques are used to detect and switch to appropriate keywords when the language is specified at the top of the file. This happens dynamically as the "# language:" set at the top of the file is changed.

The language defaults to English if it can't be matched.


The jEdit installation bundle comes with two locations from which edit modes are retrieved. The first comes with the jEdit install bundle and should be left alone. The second is for users' own edit modes. The user area can be found using the "Utilities -> Settings Directory" menu.

The files in this repository can be dropped into the user area, although the cucumber_*.xml files will unfortunately need to be modified slightly to get them working. (See the Issues section below for the reason why.)

See the location on the line starting with:

<!ENTITY % cucumber_pe SYSTEM

It must point to a valid location. If you're having difficulties, check for errors under the menu item "Utilities -> Troubleshooting -> Activity Log".

Alternatively, to regenerate the catalog and XML files to be in line with the version of Gherkin you currently have installed, you can run the included generate_xml_files.rb file in the modes directory.

NOTE Each of the locations has a "catalog" file that lists the modes and references an XML file that defines the rules for that mode.

This project includes such a file and you might already have your own file. Also note that the generate_xml_files.rb script overwrites the file. Please be careful backup/merge your own file if you have one.

Language Support

The catalog, cucumber.xml, and all cucumber_*.xml files included have been generated by the generate_xml_files.rb script. This uses the 'gherkin/i18n' library to get all the details of the languages included. If you've got your own version of gherkin with its own dialect, then re-running this script should work.

Alternatively Keywords for additional languages can be manually added by creating an appropriate language file with its own keyword values.
See cucumber_en.xml for a starting point.

Then a reference needs to be added to the catalog file, and delegation must be added to the file cucumber.xml.


I can't figure out how to get jEdit to load DTD components from a relative path. It just defaults to looking in the APPPATH directory. So the files in this repository reflect the jEdit modes directory on my own machine. As discussed above, the files can easily be regenerated for your environment and installation of Gherkin.


This started from work by Gabriel Medina posted to the Cukes Google group.


Edit mode files for the jEdit editor that provide multi-lingual highlighting of Cucumber feature files.






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