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graze tech blog

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This is the source for the graze tech blog.

It is hosted on GitHub Pages and powered by Jekyll.


make deps


make start

This will start up a local copy of the blog at http://localhost:4000.

Creating a new post

  1. Create a new branch for the post.
  2. make start
  3. Run make new-post, fill in the generated post and rename it to have a sensible slug.
  4. If the author of the post does not exist, run make new-author and fill in those contents.
  5. Check that the post displays correct on the post index page and also as a standalone post.
  6. If a new author was created, check that the author page displays correctly.
  7. Submit a PR as per usual.
  8. Merge into master when the PR is approved. This will automatically deploy to GitHub Pages.