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Contributions are welcome!

We accept contributions via Pull Requests on Github. We also recommend reading How to write the perfect Pull Request which has some great tips and advice.

Reporting an Issue

Please report issues via the issue tracker on GitHub. For security-related issues, please email the maintainer directly.

Pull Requests

Contributions are accepted via Pull Requests. In order for your Pull Request to be merged, please ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • PSR-2 & PSR-4 Coding Standards.
  • Tests - your contribution will not be merged unless it has tests covering the changes.
  • Documentation - please ensure that and any other documentation relevant to your change is up-to-date.
  • Description - please provide a description of your pull request that details the changes you've made, why you've made them including any relevant information or justifications that will aid the person reviewing you changes.

Development Environment

A Dockerfile is included in this repository for development. All make commands use the docker container to run the code. An initial step will need to be run to set up the environment:

$ make setup

A complete list of commands can be found by running: $ make help

Running Tests

You can run all of the test suites in the project using:

$ make test