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Replace some constants with N_AXIS. #156

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daapp commented Dec 30, 2012

Replace some constants with N_AXIS macro for future axis addition.

There was some white space cleanup by Emacs, sorry :)

Signed-off-by: Alexander Danilov

@daapp daapp Replace some constants with N_AXIS.
Signed-off-by: Alexander Danilov <>
Grbl CNC controller member
chamnit commented Dec 30, 2012

Thanks @daapp! For some reason, github won't let me automatically merge this pull request. I still haven't figured out why it likes certain pulls vs not others. It may have to do with all of the spaces involved or something else. I'm out of town right now and don't have time to fix the pull, but there are two options: I can manually add the changes and push them (unfortunately your pull won't get credited into the grbl commit history) or you can try get it play nicer with automatic merging (it's very tedious to fix a non-automatic merge on my side, especially with the 400+ lines there are in the pull). Let me know what you'd like to do!

daapp commented Dec 30, 2012

It is the second time github don't want to merge my pull request... I am ready to fix my commit, but is it possible to know what github told you, why it don't want to merge?

Grbl CNC controller member
chamnit commented Jan 7, 2013

I had a chance to look at it last night. I think the conflicts have to do with versions. If you checkout a version and make changes to it, then I push one later and you push one after. The merger no longer knows which changes are the correct ones. So it has to be done manually. I checked the current edge version against your push, and it seems that I have already updated some of the N_AXIS variables, but your pull request diff doesn't have these. It should be ignoring them.

I guess you'll have to make sure that you're working on the most recent version and then issue a pull request, before I have a pushed something. Try to limit any changes to a minimum so if there are merging conflicts, it'll be easy for me to fix. Fixing 406 changes manually it a bit too much, so I'll close this for now. Sorry!

@chamnit chamnit closed this Jan 7, 2013
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