Set away status in weechat based on GNOME ScreenSaver status
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Set away status in weechat based on GNOME ScreenSaver status.

The current implementation expects the dbus-python library to be installed, which it uses to query the status of the GNOME ScreenSaver. A future iteration could maybe listen for the D-Bus signals related to this state change, rather than continuously polling.

Configuration options

This script reads two optional config options:


Default: I am away.

This is the string to set as the away message as set by this script. It is used when setting the away status, and also when trying to determine if the currently set away message was set by this script or manually.


Default: 5000

This is the interval in milliseconds between calls by weechat to the check_screensaver_status function, which is what calls out to GNOME ScreenSaver over the DBus API.