[BETA] An image slideshow editor – including KenBurns effect and GLSL Transitions. (performed with diaporama)
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no more online demo. but running it client side is easy


Diaporama Maker

Diaporama Maker is an slideshow editor for diaporama.

diaporama is an image slideshow engine providing high quality animation effects including Kenburns effect and GLSL Transitions. You can learn more about diaporama key features on http://gre.gitbooks.io/diaporama/content/

How to use Diaporama Maker

Open the Diaporama Maker Documentation

Install it on your computer

Via the command line

# Requirement: graphicsmagick
npm install -g diaporama-maker

Then you can run:

diaporama directory_with_images

Native application (Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Coming Soon...