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Commits on Sep 6, 2011
  1. @arantius

    version bump

    arantius authored
  2. @arantius
Commits on Aug 22, 2011
  1. @arantius
  2. @arantius

    Version bump: 0.9.10

    arantius authored
  3. @arantius


    arantius authored
  4. @arantius

    Import util.

    arantius authored
  5. @arantius
  6. @arantius

    Move uriFromUrl into an util module.

    arantius authored
    Get rid of the now empty utils.js from content and modules.
  7. @arantius

    Remove GM_getConfig().

    arantius authored
    GM_util.getService().config works just fine.
  8. @arantius
  9. @arantius
  10. @arantius

    Remove unused files.

    arantius authored
  11. @arantius
  12. @arantius
  13. @arantius
  14. @arantius

    Get rid of chrome GM_log().

    arantius authored
  15. @arantius
  16. @arantius
  17. @arantius
  18. @arantius
  19. @arantius
  20. @arantius
  21. @arantius
  22. @arantius
  23. @arantius

    Move writeToFile into an util module.

    arantius authored
    And create the constants module to suppor it (and their usage elsewhere).
  24. @arantius
  25. @arantius
  26. @arantius
  27. @arantius
  28. @arantius
  29. @arantius
  30. @arantius
  31. @arantius
  32. @arantius

    Move prefmanager into a module.

    arantius authored
    (Soon-to-come util modules will need to be able to import it.)
  33. @arantius

    Adapt GM_apiLeakCheck to the new module structure.

    arantius authored
    Some frames on the call stack come from the newly defined module(s) (hitch), so we have to allow those.
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