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GM_xmlhttpRequest cannot set HTTP referer header #1240

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Trying to set the "Referer" HTTP header in a GM_xmlhttpRequest causes the header to be silently ignored, and no referer is sent. I believe this is deliberately done in firefox, so if this is a bug at all, it's a firefox bug and not a gm bug. However, this can be worked around in gm by setting the referer from an http-on-modify-request observer instead of directly in the XHR request.

Commit u-nn/greasemonkey@c6a2897 shows an implementation of this workaround, which seems to work for me. I'm not sure how ugly or undesirable that approach is, but I would really like to be able to set referers (this is kinda required for automating form submissions cross-domain). If it's not desired without special consideration, this could also be enabled by setting some certain GM_XHR 'details' field to turn it on, instead of just always doing this when 'Referer' is encountered in the set headers.

Googling this issue brings up some discussion elsewhere, but I don't see an issue here, and I haven't seen anyone bring up the idea of using the observer workaround in GM yet.


Confirmed, test case:

Should expect its output to contain the referer header, today it does not.

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