"User Scripts" button in Add-ons window too big on OS X, makes other buttons look ugly #1284

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ghost commented Feb 8, 2011

With GM disabled: https://skitch.com/jherm/rpx17/add-ons

With GM enabled: https://skitch.com/jherm/rpx1a/add-ons

Greasemonkey adds a button with an icon to the add-ons window in Firefox. It is entirely possible that the button height looks right on Windows and Linux, it just looks real funky on OS X.

10.6.6, Mid-2010 MacbookPro.

arantius commented Feb 8, 2011

Odd. 9cfe9ab is supposed to fix this, and I definitely don't see this behavior on Mac.

ghost commented Feb 12, 2011

Strange. I was going to take more screenshots today for this bug (a list of all my add-ons, exact Firefox version, etc.) and I don't see the bug anymore!

The GM version didn't change, so I suspect another add-on caused this issue. Please mark as INVALID or UNRESOLVED if you can.

Thanks for the help!

This issue was closed.
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