GM doesn't allow choosing Application (bundles) in Mac OS X / FF 7 #1439

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JDLH commented Oct 3, 2011

When I try to use the GreaseMonkey preferences UI to change the Editor to my preferred app (TextWrangler in my case), the file open dialog doesn't let me select the Application. It treats the Application as a directory, and shows me the subdirectory "Contents" under it. I'm on Mac OS X 10.5.8 and FireFox 7.0.1.

To my limited understanding, applications on Mac OS X are actually special directory trees called "Application Bundles". The subdirectory "Contents" is at the root of the Application Bundle directory. Thus it looks like the file open dialog which GreaseMonkey presents for picking the Editor application is not recognising Application Bundles as a special case of directory.

To reproduce:

  • Firefox "FireFox" menu... Preferences.... "General" tab... "Manage Add-Ons" button. The Add-Ons Manager tab appears.
  • "Extensions" tab... GreaseMonkey 0.9.12 row of list... Preferences button. The "GreaseMonkey Options" dialog appears.
  • Click the (very wide) "Change Editor" button. A standard file open dialog appears.
  • Navigate to the /Applications Directory. Scroll the entry "".

Observed behaviour:

  • is treated as a directory. A subdirectory "Contents" appears. The "Open" button is disabled.

Expected behaviour

  • is treated as an atomic unit with no visible contents. The "Open" button is enabled.
  • Clicking the "Open" button cases GreaseMonkey to register that application as the script editor, and to close the standard file open dialog.

GreaseMonkey version: 0.9.12, obtained from Mozilla "all versions" page.
OS: Mac OS 10.5.8
Browser: FireFox 7.0.1 for Mac OS X.

japs commented Oct 4, 2011

i have the same issue on FF 7 on Debian Wheezy + KDE.

arantius closed this in f693dc4 Oct 6, 2011

JDLH commented Jan 26, 2012

Fix confirmed with GreaseMonkey 0.9.14. Thank you!

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