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Installing newer version of userscript over older one does not update entry in about:addons #1476

ferongr opened this Issue Nov 28, 2011 · 1 comment

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ferongr commented Nov 28, 2011

Currently about:addons tells me the userscript is version 2.21.1 while in reality (when editing the script and looking at the source) it's 2.21.4


  1. Install old version of userscript manually from . Note version in about:addons, Greasemonkey tab.

  2. Go to and click install to install the latest version (2.21.4 at the time of writing).

  3. Open about:addons again, go to Greasemonkey tab and observe version number. In my case it's stuck at the old one. Verify that the script is indeed updated (see @version at source)

Environment: Nightly 11.0a1 (2011-11-27), Greasemonkey 0.9.13


I restarted for today's Nightly update, and I noticed that now the version is displayed correctly. I also updated a different userscript (by manually installing the newer version from US.o) and the same problem manifests.

arantius commented Dec 8, 2011

I did:

  1. Install
  2. User script tab of add-ons manager shows version 2.21.0
  3. Restart Firefox (just to be safe)
  4. Install
  5. Open the add-ons manager -- it displays the wrong value
  6. Restart Firefox -- add-ons manager displays the right value.

So confirmed, with Greasemonkey 0.9.13. And 2011-12-03 nightly.

@arantius arantius added a commit that closed this issue Feb 16, 2012
@arantius arantius Keep the AOM up to date when re-installing a script.
I.E. installing to update to a new version.

Fixes #1476
@arantius arantius closed this in 0a06286 Feb 16, 2012
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